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Office Hours 7:30-4:00

(760) 366-8459


School Hours 8:40-2:45

(Gates Open at 8:20)


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(Gates Open at 10:20)

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School Mission

The mission of Joshua Tree Elementary is to provide a safe and caring community committed to inspiring all children to achieve their highest potential through academic, physical, and creative endeavors empowering them to become responsible, productive, and successful in our changing society 

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Parent Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in joining our parent group or would like to volunteer please come to the office for more information. We look forward to working with you!



Access ST MATH at home using the link below for your PC.  A one time activation code will need to be entered before the first use.

Homework Activation Code :



For Tablets look in the App Store for ST Math and download the App.

 The activation Code for tablets is:

School ID :  JOS749

Password:  HMRDBZK


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Home of the Owls

Today: 2/9/16

2015-2016 Student Registration

Minimum Days

Minimum Days

School Starts at 10:40 -  Doors open at 10:20 for students. There will be no breakfast on minimum day.


February 10

May 18

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"Ode to Joshua Tree"

Nestled in the golden desert, guarded by a wise old owl

Is a place where learning matters, students, teachers all avow

Days of friendship, shining brightly, nurturing creativity

Home of beauty, truth, and knowledge, is our dear school

Joshua Tree

Student Arrival Times

For our student's safety, students are not to be waiting outside the school before 8:20 on regular school days and 10:20 on minimum days. 


New Student Information System

Morongo Unified School District changed to a new Student Information System this year.  A Portal for student access has recently opened for students to view their grades, take online assessments, and view attendance.  The Student Portal can be found at  We are currently asking the parents to work with their children through the Student Portal until the Parent Portal becomes operational.